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We Repair & Replace Residential Cooling Systems Throughout Central Pennsylvania

Serving Lancaster, York, Harrisburg & Lebanon

EH Gochnauer & Sons, Inc. employs a highly professional team of cooling system technicians who are ready to assist you with all of your residential cooling needs. After more than 80 years of service, EH Gochnauer & Sons, Inc. is the trusted name in the Lancaster and Central PA area for residential cooling system installations, repairs, and maintenance.

Complete Detail Analysis

We will provide a detailed description of the work we performed.

After Hours

We know untimely break downs are an inconvenience to our customers, especially those on weekends or after hour. As part of the agreement, you get a discounted rate of $95 (non-agreement rate is $150) for after hour dispatch fee.

Parts Protection

  • Requires a Total Degree check before being active.
  • Eliminate unexpected repair cost with our parts protection coverage.
  • We realize any part can fail at anytime. This includes brand new parts or just inspected
    parts. We know the process in place for the One Degree Check will limited part failure but
    may not eliminate the.
  • Excluded items from this protection is heat exchangers, compressors, coils, and refrigerant
    lines. Also not covered is lightning strikes, power surges, flooding, acts of gods, vandalism.

Labor Protection

  • Requires a Total Degree check before being active.
  • Designed for customers with new equipment with manufacturers part coverage. Or can be matched with the parts coverage to create an all-inclusive coverage, allowing our customers to be in control of their HVAC home budget.
  • Our labor coverage will cover normal hour repairs, along with emergency after hours. If deemed a non-emergency call, you will still be required to pay the after hours dispatch fee at the agreement rate of $95 (non-agreement rate is $125).

Drip Free Plumbing

  • Maintenance is not just for your heating and cooling system, your plumbing system can benefit with yearly checks.
  • Drips, checks, cleaning of the plumbing system in a home can prevent a minor issue becoming a major problem.
  • The Drip Free plumbing program helps keep the plumbing flowing free and can help reduce yearly cost.

Preventative maintenance extended coverage

HVAC Agreement – 1 time per year

Gas Furnace, Air Condition, Heat Pump, Ductless, Geothermal, Gas Boiler

  • A “Total Degree” system check (see back for details)
  • Includes up to 5″ filter replacement
  • Priority Service
  • 10% off new equipment installation

HVAC Agreement – 2 time per year

  • Includes (2) “Total Degree” system checks
  • Includes same coverage as above

Plumbing Agreement

Drip Free Plumbing*

  • Complete check of the plumbing system in your home
  • Faucets/Drains • Water heaters • Water closet • Shower/Tubs
  • Free water test (minerals)
  • Check all fixtures and drains

Specialty/Oil Equipment Agreement

Oil Boiler

  • Complete system check and cleaning of boiler

Oil Furnace

  • Complete system check and cleaning of furnace

AC with oil

  • Includes air condition check to your oil furnace contract

Select your desired coverage

Contact a Service Representative or our website with any coverage questions.
Thank you for trusting EH Gochennauer with your comfort!

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