EH Gochnauer & Sons, Inc. has been pleasing customers since 1933. We are staffed with well-trained technicians who have broad experience in residential HVAC services. We will not only help you with repairs but also walk you through the process of choosing the system that is best for your home. Our products are of the highest quality, and we seek out the most earth-friendly, efficient systems available today. Our repair department is quick and thorough, and we provide maintenance on all brands.

Heating and Cooling Services

There are many different types of heating and cooling systems. Whether you have a heat pump, gas furnace, or a mini split system, we will help you choose the right system to fit your home. We offer full installation services, as well as preventative maintenance, and we will also be available for any necessary repairs.

Plumbing Services

Modern plumbing is one of the most important parts of our daily lives. When something breaks, it affects the whole system. Our full-service plumbing department offers renovations and installation of appliances, as well as anything from high-quality fixtures to accessories. We are available to install, service, and maintain everything we sell.

It is becoming increasingly important to make sure our drinking water is clean and safe. Lead has been found in the municipal drinking supplies in over thirty US cities. Private testing is becoming more necessary every day. As a branch of our plumbing services, EH Gochnauer & Sons offers comprehensive water testing. Our experts will identify any unsafe levels of pollutants and suggest corrective measures if necessary.

Geothermal Heating and Cooling Systems

The demand for clean, energy-efficient climate control is increasing. Geothermal technology is the most environmentally friendly type of heating and cooling. It uses the constant temperature of the earth in conjunction with a heat pump to heat and cool your home. Our trained experts will design and install your system so you can start saving on energy costs and help conserve our natural resources.

Air Quality Systems

We believe that our customers should have the purest air in their homes. Air purification has been shown to decrease allergies and create a comfortable atmosphere. Pets, dust, mold, and everything you carry in the house on your clothes can make the air unhealthy, so consider hiring us to install an air purification system. Our high-efficiency appliances are the latest models, and we take care of sales, installation, maintenance, and service. Ask about our humidifiers and dehumidifiers for seasonal air quality.

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