Professional Plumbing Services in Lancaster, PA

One of the most important inventions in history, indoor plumbing made human life more sanitary, comfortable, and convenient. Because we have lived with it for so long, any disruption in our water service can cause major disruptions in household routines. Here at EH Gochnauer & Sons, Inc. we understand how much you depend on your plumbing systems on a daily basis. Our talented technicians provide professional installation, service, and repair for all your residential plumbing systems. Here are a few of the services we handle for customers in Lancaster County and Central PA.

Plumbing Renovations

If you are planning to remodel or add a room with plumbing fixtures, we can help with installations, service, and advice. Our experienced advisors can help you choose equipment and accessories that complement your existing plumbing systems. We can handle everything from installations to legal permits.

New Plumbing Installations

Your choice of a plumbing contractor for new construction is one of the most important decisions you will make. Our experts can help design and install all of your plumbing systems, from fixtures and appliances to water supply and septic systems. We will help you achieve that perfect blend of style and functionality you desire from your home plumbing system.

Plumbing Repair

As handy as you may be with a plunger, it’s seldom a good idea to attempt significant plumbing repairs on your own. Our service technicians have the knowledge and experience to handle any repair job they encounter. Whether the problem is a badly clogged drain, a malfunctioning appliance, or a faulty water heater, they can address the issue quickly and efficiently.

Plumbing Equipment Options

EH Gochnauer & Sons, Inc. offers a wide selection of plumbing fixtures, equipment, appliances, and accessories from the leading names in the industry. Our expert advisors can help you select the product that best meets your needs and your budget. We also offer professional installation and service on all of the plumbing fixtures we sell.

Water Testing

If your water supply is contaminated, it may not be safe for bathing or drinking. We offer comprehensive testing services to determine if your H2O is safe and, if needed, how to go about purifying it.

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