For Delicious, Healthy Water

There is nothing more refreshing than a clean, cool glass of water. But do you know how pure your water really is? Whether you have a well or a municipal supply, your water may have impurities that taint its flavor, compromise your family’s health and harm your plumbing system. EH Gochnauer can test your water to determine its contents and suggest how to best purify it, if necessary.

Many types of contaminates could be present, such as bacteria, nitrates, lead, hardness, alkalinity and a variety of other substances. While most will alter the flavor of your water, some can be undetectable. We recommend that you check your water periodically with a professional test, especially if it comes from a nonpublic supply. Field runoff, nearby industrial operations and many other factors could be involved.

If you would like to have your water tested, please give us a call at 717-299-3776, or click the link below to use our contact form.

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